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Quality grains have always been central to the MAURI business. We pride ourselves on being the wheat quality experts, working across the entire supply chain from wheat breeders to manufacturers. Every day, we work directly with:

Growers - providing education about MAURI’s preferred varieties and preferentially contracting growers who we trust to consistently meet our quality needs

Customers (Bakers)- establishing how different wheats perform in different end products and building our understanding of our customers’ changing needs.


Your dedicated Account Manager and Customer Service Team member are always on hand. Just an easy phone call or email away; place an order, ask a question or request information on new products or recipe ideas. Our team is well equipped to help you get the most out of your baking.


Our Technical Applications team are experienced bakers who are available to ensure our bakery ingredients deliver the right results in your bakery. Baking is an art with so many variables that can affect the baked product. With a wealth of knowledge and practical hands-on experience in the industry, Baking Better Together is truly at the heart of what we do.

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