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MAURI has the relationships with farmers to be able to buy in bulk, and secure the best quality to blend together into consistently reliable flour.

Ian Smith
The Baker’s Corner, Brisbane, QLD

Soy Flour 25KG

An enzyme active soy flour which helps provide a superior white crumb colour in breads.

Product Code33659
Weight (KG)25
Applications:Artisan BreadsLoaf BreadRolls, buns & baguettes

Purple Wholemeal Flour 20KG

Wholemeal flour with unique purple colour. Contains wholegrain and dietary fibre which may enable labelling claims.

Product Code42716
Weight (KG)20
Applications:Artisan BreadsRolls, buns & baguettes

Stoneground Wholemeal Flour 20KG

Darker meal colour and robust wheat flavour creates dense and delicious baked goods. Delivers optimum bread making properties for a variety of applications.

Product Code33861
Weight (KG)20
Applications:Artisan BreadsRolls, buns & baguettes

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