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HotcakesSconesPastaArtisan BreadsCakesLoaf BreadRolls, buns & baguettesWorld BreadsPizza basesSweet PastryGeneral UseSavoury PastryBiscuitsDonutsBrownies, Bars & SliceMuffinsSnacks & CerealsCoatings & BattersPasta & Noodles

Snowflake Pastry Flour 20KG

Premium pastry flour with exceptional whiteness that produces tender and delicate results.

Product Code33787
Weight (KG)20
Applications:Sweet PastryGeneral UseSavoury PastryPasta & Noodles

Everest Soft Biscuit Flour 20KG

Lower protein soft flour, milled from low protein soft wheats that are high in starch and low in water absorption, for crispier biscuits.

Product Code34153
Weight (KG)20
Applications:General UseBiscuitsSnacks & CerealsHotcakes

Finetex Hi-Ratio Cake Flour 20KG

Premium fine chlorinated flour that supports the high sugar content in high ratio cakes, to ensure cakes are light and fluffy.

Product Code14948
Weight (KG)20
Applications:CakesCoatings & Batters

Finetex Ultra Hi-Ratio Cake Flour 20KG

Premium chlorinated flour that is fine and light in colour, with consistent dough properties for a range of cake applications.

Product Code82719
Weight (KG)20
Applications:CakesCoatings & Batters

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